Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master

A clean home is within your reach!

Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master- By Beth McGee

Prepare to make cleaning easier with this quick and thorough guide. All you need are the right tools and supplies, a little motivation and encouragement, and the method that Beth McGee has perfected over 25 years as a home cleaning professional. Beth shares the products, process, and mindset you need to make this seemingly daunting task manageable.

This is your year to make your home clean and comfortable with ease. What makes Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master unique?

  • It’s filled with information beyond the recycled cleaning tips you’ve seen on the Internet.
  • This is not a week-long or 30-day course on getting your home clean, it’s about process and mindset.
  • No tedious check lists that create anxiety when not completed.
  • It prepare you to get your house clean as soon as you’re ready to get started.
  • Can work for you no matter how dirty it is or how unmotivated you feel.
  • You will learn how to clean, declutter, and organize your home as a simple and rewarding habit, not a chore.

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Whether you want your home to sparkle, start a cleaning business, prepare your home to rent or flip, or help your house cleaner work most effectively for you, this book will help you do it. Struggle to get started or feel overwhelmed? Beth will encourage and instill in you knowledge to last a lifetime, so you can experience the joy and benefit of a clean and tidy home to improve your life and wellbeing.

Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master

Then head over to my Cleaning Product Guide that accompanies the book, so you can learn more about the products I recommend and how I use them. 

Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master was released in 2015 and continues to be a fan favorite. It’s available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Don’t forget to get your copy and enjoy a complimentary Product Guide that accompanies this book.


Who needs a romantic exposition filled house cleaning book? Instead I can hand this book to my husband and say “follow these steps” and there is no room for error. Highly recommend for the product info alone. We just started to maintain a 5-unit vacation rental and the cleaning is endless, but following her methods are going to make it much more standardized AND cheaper because she errs on the side of “only use harsh chemicals when necessary”. Highly recommend. It would also be perfect for college students or people new to homeownership.” – Amazon Reader

Finally! This book is a “how to” for people who want a simple but thorough cleaning routine. It gives product recommendations as well as alternatives, but doesn’t try to sell you on buying a lot of unnecessary cleaners. The author even states what the products are good (and not good) for, and under what circumstances they can be helpful. Most of the cleaning instructions boil down to dish detergent, hot water, and microfiber towels as the basic necessary tools. The book outlines common overlooked/problem spots in each room and the steps to take to clean each room quickly and efficiently. As someone who hates cleaning, the advice in this book is practical and useful. – Amazon Reader

“Despite many years of housekeeping experience, I’ve never equaled Beth McGee’s housecleaning time-efficiency, nor her excellent results. I’m delighted that she is sharing with us her methods and product recommendations in a fun to read, easy to implement book based on her extensive experience.” -Nora Hardy, Happy Cleaning Client

“A neat, clean, sparking house is Beth McGee’s trademark. Her fine skills are evident in every room: the kitchen floor shines bright, bathrooms sparkle, tables and furniture are dust free, dog hair has vanished from the back room, and the kitchen windows are streak free. It’s been my delight to benefit from Beth’s expertise.”Scott Sutcliffe, Happy Cleaning Client